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About: linuxdocs.org   The Linux Documentation Project   linux.org   Linux Foundation's Linux.com   gnu   FSF   Rick's Rants   Richard Stallman's personal site   Eric S. Raymond's personal site   Wikipedia: The Jargon File   YouTube: Power use of Unix
Akonadi: Clean start: Tells how to wipe Akonadi files. I do this just to get rid of them.   How to turn off Akonadi and other akonadictl commands
Bash: www.gnu.org: Bash Reference Manual   Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide   Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide: Chapter 33. Options (e.g., "bash -e")   Bash one-liners   About LS_OPTIONS and colored directory listings   Bourne-shell Usenet group   Duckduckgo: Why are there no libraries of bash scripts and functions?   Stack Overflow: Bash Utility Script Library   Stack Overflow: What order does bash use to decide whether to use an alias, function, built-in, or executable?
Bc: GNU manual
Booting: Tom's Root Boot
Compiling: How to do "./configure; make; make install" and more compiling tips
CUPS: How to Duplicate Printers between Linux Systems   How to configure CUPS to capture the raw data that it sends to the printer   Interesting bug report: Should not convert PDF to PS to PDF
Distributions: Gnu Linux Distribution Timeline   Wikipedia: Suse Linux Distributions   Download Suse
Fvwm: website   Satyajeet Kanetkar: Fvwm Explained–Tells how to use variables.
Internet: How to Tether Android iPhone or Blackberry Smartphone to Linux
Journals: Linux Journal   Linux Today   Linux Pratique
Linux Accounting: Software
Linux Kernel: kernel/git/stable/linux.git
Linux Lore:   sync myth   home of File System Hierarchy (FSH)   Wiki on FSH   Linux Documentation Project (LDP) on FSH   hfs   Instead of understanding it we ran the thing through PRL   tells how to use getopt to process command line options (from "Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide")
Live USB: Wikipedia: Live USB   Linux Journal: Casper, the Friendly (and Persistent) Ghost   Datalight: Explaining OverlayFS - What it Does and How it Works   Ubuntu manpages: casper.7.html
Miscellaneous Technical: Why system runs find   Unix time (a.k.a. POSIX time or Epoch time)   Unicode table
Partitions: Using Parted
Politics: fsf info on sco suit
Printing: Arch Linux article: CUPS Troubleshooting   Linux Foundation printer wiki
Privacy: Gnu Privacy Guard
PulseAudio: Website   Doxygen   Wiki   Wiki: documentation   Wiki: documentation: user   Wiki: documentation: user: command-line-interface   Arch wiki   Debian wiki   Ubuntu wiki   Pulseaudio remembers the sink used by an application and goes there again
Scripting: SHELLdorado   Grymoire on sed, awk, bash and more   Grymoire sed tutorial (from previous link)   GNU sed user's manual   IBM developer works about sed: useful details   sed homepage on sourceforge   Debugging Bash Scripts   Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide   Awesome Shell: A curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos   Unix Shell by Caleb Xu (indexes much from the previous link)   This is a collection of pages made my individual like Caleb Xu (see previous)
Training: Linux Software Certification Exams
Unix/Linux Tutorials and Guides: A Linux Guide   Tutorials from Surrey   Open-of-Course Tutorial   Keep IT Techie: Mounting and Unmounting
Vulnerabilities: Site talks about Linux vulnerabilities from view point of creating malware   Info about the evolving dangers of modern, User Friendly Linux desktop environments.
Why: The Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Use Linux
X: The Xlib Manual   Discusses what to do when Xorg -configure gives error saying number of screens doesn't match the number of devices.

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