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Construction: The Blue Book of Building and Construction
Ideas: There are some good ideas here for home repairs
Rot: How to Treat Dry Rot   Guide to Drip Edges for Shingle Roofs   All About Wood Decay and How to Prevent It   Causes and Control of Wood Decay, Degradation & Stain   All About Borates   Teak oil and tung oil
Drains: Tree Roots vs. Sewer Pipes: 5 Ways to Win The Underground Battle
Painting: Wall coating Problems   "Prime first, then caulk" and other comments   All the Facts About Polyurethane Paint   Latex over poly   Shellac based primer over oil base allows water base to stick   How to Paint Over Oil-Based Paint   Zinser-BIN white shellac primer   Can Shellac be used for exterior?   Article recommends paintable, water repellent preservatives for wood, and tells much more   Brouns and Co: About Exterior Linseed Paint   Sage Restoration: Pure Linseed Oil Paint   You can strip latex with a power washer   How to Strip Latex Paint from Wood
Roof: YouTube: Replace Missing Asphalt Roofing Shingles Step by Step Guide   How to Replace Asphalt Shingles
Screws: Screw Size Chart & Thread Count: How to know the size of a screw   Screw Size Chart & Thread Count–More information
Termites: Wikipedia: As wood is difficult to digest, termites prefer to consume fungus-infected wood because it is easier to digest and the fungi are high in protein   Do ants and termites coexist?   Cedar oil products and info about use for termites.   Use boric acid, borate or borax   Tim-Bor: Use as a liquid, foam or dust.   University of California advice on termites   CDC-lots of information including pictures of termites   "No Move Out" business uses Orange oil   "XT-2000" business uses Orange oil   Control humidity   DIY?   How to Treat Wood for Termites   Home Depot: Treated Lumber and recommended uses of different kinds
Water Heaters: Why Is My Water Heater Suddenly Getting Too Hot?
Water Pipes: Home Depot: Neoprene Pipe Insulation   Duckduckgo: fiberglass pipe insulation   www.Zoro.com: Fiberglass pipe insulation   www.Zoro.com: Pipe insulation tape   www.Zoro.com: Fiberglass pipe insulation tape   Duckduckgo.com: how to insulate outdoor hot water pipe   www.buildwithrise.com: How to Insulate your Hot Water Pipes   Duckduckgo.com: neoprene vs polyethylene pipe insulation   blog.iqsdirectory.com: Neoprene vs Polyethylene
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