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Addictive Technology: Wikipedia article   UT Dallas, student counseling center, on computer addicition   Article: 9 Tips that Helped me Beat my iPhone Addiction   How to quit FaceBook   My Name Is Dana, and I'm Addicted to Mindless Scrolling
Chickens: Amazing information and dialogs about caring for chickens
Electronics: How to use an impedance matching transformer   Carbon / Metal Film - Resistor Guide   American Wire Gage (AWG)   Battery Mart   a123batteries   Battery Space has a great variety including LiFePO4   List of battery sizes includes 14500 which is AA   I got one of these from Fry's. It burned out. Couldn't handle two AA alkaline cells.   Has penlight bulbs: try 3.6V for two AA alkaline   Ode to the TL431, and a LiFePO4 Battery Charger   Get Xyce analog circuit simulator from Slackbuilds.org   Youtube: How to Power your House with an Inverter During a Power Outage
Essential Oils: Essential Oils by Jodi Baglien-has price list   Wikipedia-Eucalyptol is found in rosemary and tea tree oil, other facts
Gophers: treehozz: castor oil, peppermint and other suggestions   About castor oil and plants   pestkill: lots of ideas for killing and repelling
Jansport: Site   Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack   Warranty
Jobs: Job Star: lists resources and services for job seekers   15 Things to Do If You Lose Your Job   Did you lose your job, because you pissed someone off?
Kitchen: Crock-Pot   How to cook beans in the oven   What is a Dutch Oven?
Natural Pesticides & Insecticides: Hub Pages-info   Orange Guard   Orange Oil   Bioganic Crawling Insect Killer Spray
NiMH Batteries: eneloop101.com: Eneloop Batteries Encyclopedia   eneloop101.com: How to charge Eneloops?   batterym.com: How to charge Eneloop batteries   Wikipedia: Gives much information including how low self discharge is attained   YouTube: smart vs dumb chargers   Amazon: Eneloop charger
Odds and Ends: Build a log cabin   Bright Quotes   Benjamin Franklin   Four Ways to Let Go of Being in Charge
Organize: organize.com   sock rings
Pens: Pendemonium Pelikan pens   Get Pelikan at Avalon Pens
Philosophy: Polanyi Society
Politics: Don't raise the minimum wage, abolish it!
Raising Meal Worms:   Timberline: about superworms   Wikipedia: about superworms   Youtube: how to breed (regular) mealworms   Youtube: how to breed superworms   Website about raising regular mealworms   Website about raising regular mealworms and superworms
Recipes: Natural and antibacterial homemade mouthwash   YouTube: Cultivate Your Own Wild Yeast Starter   18 Ways to Make Sourdough Bread More or Less Sour
Recycle: RecycleSanDiego.org   Goodwill Drop-off Center   California: Beverage Container Recycling Centers
Stores: The Container Store   IKEA   North Star Leather has fanny packs and key cases
Solar Power: Building a 12V Solar Power Battery Pack   Get PCM-LFP7A4S needed by Solar Battery Pack in previous link   D.I.Y. Solar Setup   How Much Power Does a Solar Panel Produce?   26650 Nanophosphate cells   How much does electricity cost by state?   sdge.com: 2023 Energy Rates and Who Sets Them   10 Best Pure Sine Wave Inverters   Renogy 3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter   Modified vs. Pure Sine Wave Inverter: What's the Difference?   What is the difference between an interlock and a transfer switch?   All about used solar panels: everything you need to know

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