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About: Foundation: Gentoo History   Gentoo gifts   Wikipedia: Daniel Robbins--founder of Gentoo   forums.gentoo.org   LinuxQuestions.org: Gentoo distribution   Youtube: Gentoo, Funtoo, and Beyond
Ebuilds: Basic Guide to Writing Gentoo Ebuilds   About ebuilds
Getting Started: Handbook   X86 handbook   Downloads   About stage tarballs   About the system set   What is the Difference Between the Minimal Installation CD and "Stage 3"   How to see what is in the initramfs (gentoo.igz) which is on the minimal install CD
Linux Kernel: Handbook: Configuring the Linux Kernel (includes genkernel use)   Configuration   Gentoo Kernel Configuration Guide   Kernel Modules   genkernel
Packages: Binary Package Guide   Get Gentoo packages

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