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Apple: Build apps   Meet with App Store experts
Business Name: article: How and Why You Should Register Your Business Name   CA Secretary of State: Name availability   source for the previous link
For Business: Submit to FSF   Submit to Source Forge   Submit to Fresh Code Club   PAD site   PAD specification   PAD validator   Wikipedia says Newsforge became a Linux.com mirror   Submit to Linux.com   Submit to Linux Journal   Submit to Linux Magazine   Wikipedia: List of computer magazines   ZDNet article: Independent Consultants: Rest in Peace?   The Linux Fund   The Tao of Programming   Afraid to Sell   Wikipedia: Frameworks (SAM is a system level, not language level, framework)   Frameworks Conference   Bar Camp   a way to post my resume: Linked In   Eleven Ways to Find Customers   Writers Market   Local Search Guide: advice for advertising   Yellowpages.com   Superpages.com   State Board of Equalization Reseller License Verification   Uline   Google Groups: Comp.Os.Linux.Announce   Comp.Os.Linux.Announce posting guidelines   San Diego office of Small Business Administration   San Diego Tech Coffee
Freelance: Find Freelance Work Online   Upwork   Browse for Upwork jobs   Freelancer   How to Avoid Scams on Upwork and Freelancer
Intellectual Property: When does intellectual property belong to the employer?
Refurbished Computers: Selling Refurbished Computers and Doing it Right.
Videos and Articles: Patrick Winston: How to Speak   Martin Erlic: Why I Never Use WordPress for Website Development
What to charge?: A flat rate is better than charging by the hour   The Average Hourly Price of a Computer Consultant   How Much to Charge for Computer Repair

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