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Apache: Use pkgtool to learn the version of httpd, then select the correct documentation   rc.firewall-iptables rules for port forwarding--allows Apache webserver to serve web pages in the external world   About Mod_Perl
Apps: Netscape and activation problem   Seamonkey start page   Mozilla doesn't always let the user determine what helper will handle a mime type   Sun's java   Acrobat Reader   Adobe downloads
Bash: Wikipedia article   Original author: Brian Fox   Current maintainer: Chet Ramey
Booting: How to make boot disks   /dev/hda is MBR   Example with /dev/hda1   Boot from root trouble   Windows doesn't like Lilo messing   More Perl scripts   Bingo--my "open" problem   Eltorito HOWTO   Busybox homepages   Inside the Linux Boot Process   Make a bootable USB copy of a bootable CD   10 Linux boot time parameters   Plop can boot USB without CD or help from BIOS   Why do Windows users need linux boot disks?
Browsing Security: Google: Privacy Checkup
Chat: Find freenode channels   Web based irc client (qwebirc)   Carina.org: about using screen with irssi   Quadpoint: about using screen with irssi
Coding: Namanh Kapur: How I Would Learn To Code (If I Could Start Over)
ClamAV: Interpreting Scan Alerts FAQ
Conversions: Zamzar: Lots of conversions of different kinds including Word to Acrobat (doc to pdf)   PS2PDF: Postscript to Acrobat (ps to pdf) and many others
CSPM (That's CGI, Sendmail, Perl, Mime: all fall into the same group): Mulitpart Content   Sendmail authentication   GNU SASL library   SMTP over TLS   How can I send e-mails via Gmail SMTP via OpenSSL (on Windows)?   Ncat, netcat + SSL   socat   Handshake Protocol and other TLS info   cid and mid protocol   RFC 2392 (about cid and mid protocol)   link in email to cid referenced html   using HTML in email (MHTML)   about internet MIME
Display: Nouveau and Kernel Mode Setting
DropBox: I'm having trouble with a shared folder   FAQs about Dropbox shared folders   How to join a shared folder
Excel: Dynamically format cells   Display different text than the value in same cell
FDF: Toolkit License Application
File fstab: ext2, ext3, and ext4: a comparison   Don't need fifth field, sixth gives the order of checking   For SSDs use "discard,noatime,commit=600,errors=remount-ro"
Firefox: Mozilla/Firefox/Seamonkey configuration   How Do You Disable Update Prompts?: Change app.update.promptWaitTime and app.update.badgeWaitTime   policies.json: Disable Firefox update popover   Use in browser console: Services.dirsvc.get("XREAppDist", Ci.nsIFile).path to learn where to put policies.json   Turn on devtools.chrome.enabled to enable browser console command line
FireWire: USB 2.0 vs. FireWire   Apple and Intel play hardball   More USB 2.0 vs. FireWire
Fortran: Compact Fortran 95 Language Summary
Gimp: How Make Image Background Transparent Using Gimp   Patrick's Weblog: Creating multi-page PDF files with GIMP and 'convert'
Gnuplot: Plotting multiple data files   Plotting all files from a directory in gnuplot   .eps files can be made by gnuplot--what are they?   Output to PDF (via eps)   .svg files can be made-what are they?
Graphics: make transparent gifs
Grub: GNU Grub   GNU: Manuals in different formats   GNU: HTML-format Manual   Gentoo: Manual   What's the Difference Between GPT and MBR When Partitioning a Drive?   Making a bootable Grub Floppy   Grub Multiboot HOWTO   use "hdparm -z" to reread partition table   Grub doesn't detect USB keyboard   Grub bug 539--no usb support   El Torito for Grub2   About Grub2   Can't Boot from USB with Grub: Hit ESC repeatedly   Ubuntu: Troubleshooting   Install Grub using loop and force   GRUB boot into Windows 7 breaks GRUB and makes system unbootable: Mentions that some Windows programs overwrite boot sector
HTML: coded character set   Web Developers Disc. Board   Guide to Cascading Style Sheets   W3C Cascading Style Sheets 2.1 Specification   W3C Frames info   Links to local pages do not work   Poster suggests <div class="p"> instead of <p>   You can assign an id to table, so can you also assign an id to tr or td?   HTML Attribute Reference lists global id attribute   The Difference Between Id and Class   W3Schools: the difference between id and class   Three Ways to Insert CSS
Imagemagick: Features and Capabilities   convert
Internet: Is it down right now?   How to go to a website on a shared server by its ip address?: You can't   How to access the subdomain of an IP address in the browser?: You can't   Google Search Operators
Internet Archive: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy   TechWithTech: Safe?   My Uploads   Duckduckgo.com: how make an internet archive collection   Collections - A Basic Guide   How to Request a Collection
IP: no-ip.com   I searched in Google on   all not configured to accept IPv6 RAs   which I see when I boot
Java: gcj FAQ   Java help   Java home page   GNU JavaMail
Javascript: Mouseover Image Generator   Slideshow by Fitzgerald   Documentation   Re-introduction to Javascript   More Documentation   Javascript is misunderstood   Private members in Javascript   WTF is it?
Joe's Own Editor (JOE): Home
JSON: JSON validator
Ktorrent: Bible tells how to tweak client
lftp: Solution to hanging at "Making data connection"
Live CD or USB: Wikipedia: Live CD   Wikipedia: Live USB
Local Computing: Wikipedia: ComputorEdge Magazine   Under the Computer Hood User's Group   Website: The Seniors Computer Group of San Diego   Video: The Seniors Computer Group of San Diego
Lynx: mime type torture test
Mac: Trans-Tex site has Mac editor   Mac Developer site   Mac OSX site--forums   XNU kernel   Mach kernel   Mach papers including one on I/O   Slackintosh   Parallels Desktop Forum
Netware: Answer Guy talks about ncpfs and Caldera   Kevin Thorpe's IPX HOWTO   Source Forge's Novell Client for Linux
Networking: SpeedTest.net: Test your connection speed   Downforeveryoneorjustme.com: Check a website
OpenOffice: OpenOffice calc commands
Pan Newsreader: Manual
Partitions: How to use parted to make a Linux partition that is larger than 2 Tb
Phpscript: Documentation   Someone who uses php-calendar has a long-winded question.   include vs require   Apache 2 and PHP 5 Installation   Php Freaks--Q/A site with tutorials   "passing parameters without using get or post" reveals use of   Example #1 shows how to pass and receive parameters--uses   htmlspecialchars function is needed to receive parameters passed via HTTP GET method   _GET and argv are "predefined variables"   _GET is "an associative array of variables passed to the current script via the HTTP GET method"   Stack Overflow: Count downloads
Printing: LPRng manual   Lexmark Z65   CUPS software Admin manual   Ubuntu info on Z65   about my ML-2010 printer   I got SpliX driver and ppd here for ML-2010   learning to use listen and ipp to share a printer   says (-use Listen, -comment out listen to localhost, -use Allow) to add remote printing   Could not connect to localhost   "Quota limit reached" and troubles with ipp/backend   Using System V interface Scripts with CUPS
Privacy and Security: Click Proceed for... Shields UP--internet vulnerability profiler   Tracking the Trackers: informative web article   Adobe's site for controlling Flash security. This includes camera and microphone use.   Check browser for Poodlebleed vulnerability   Check server (or webhost) for Poodlebleed vulnerability
PS: University of Cambridge, about LaTeX
Python: Tutorial   Shell   Example script: converts csv to sc (spreadsheet calculator)   YouTube: Calling System Commands   Freecodecamp: Navone   Freecodecamp: Chowdhury
Rsync: About   Unexplained-rsync-disconnect
Samba: Samba home   linux to linux   Oreilly   Oreilly CH 10--print to windows, etc.   Samba and CIFS
SQL: MySQL Documentation   create user -- secrets revealed   change (or create) root password
Syslinux: How to chainloader boot Windows and other help
Systemd: Wikipedia article   Systemd was created by Red Hat's Lennart Poettering and Kay Sievers
USB: USB FAQ's   Usenet about USB in Linux   How to setup a USB mouse in Slackware   www.pendrivelinux.com   USB-drive time bomb   Douglas Mayne's vision   Report on the vision
Usenet: google usenet   usenet faqs   alt.os.linux.slackware   comp.os.linux.announce   comp.os.linux.misc   comp.os.linux.questions   comp.sys.mac.system   news.newusers.questions   news.groups.questions   Good for bash questions: comp.unix.shell   Good for awk questions: comp.lang.awk   Poster asks for charters   How to make a new usenet group   Usenet Improvement Project: how to filter out Google Groups posts   Eternal September--has searchable hierarchies
Volunteering: I searched in Duckduckgo on: San Diego computer volunteer needed
Web hosting: Check URL availability   Find out who owns a domain, contact info., etc.   article: Why is My Website Not Secure on Google?   Justin Tadlock: PHP Hit Counter
Website Security: duckduckgo.com: when a site changes their certificate how do I know if it is a legitimate   Is this Website Legit?   How to Tell If a Website is Legit in 10 Easy Steps   Wikipedia: Comodo Cybersecurity
Windows: Puttytel, telnet client   WS_FTP   Print to a (Windows) shared printer from OS X   Links in Windows 10
X: Configuring Xdm   Add a shutdown button to Xdm   Motif Code Examples and Tutorials   MotifDeveloper.com
YouTube: Chris Mercer: How to Analyze Your YouTube Channel Performance in Google Analytics

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