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Directors: Jerome Summers conducts TICO
Music Notation: Sound and Midi Software for Linux   Music Notation Editors   ABC Plus Project (gave me: abcplus, abcm2ps, abcMIDI)   Eawpatches: I downloaded these Gus patches from the utwente link--they work   JC's collection: has link to Chris Walshaw's site   Chris Walshaw's ABC website relaunched   Methodist Hymns from hymnal in midi   Guido Gonzato: Making Music with Abc 2
Sheet Music: IMSLP
Strings: Viola and other jokes   Cornish Music   Ceolas (from Cornish Music site)   Shar Music   Quinn: string information   Finding and eliminating buzzes   Trouble Shooting buzzes   Tips and Tricks (and info on wolf tones)   Video helps   Just intonation (simple integer ratios) and more   Wiki: Just intonation   Church of St. Mary Magdalene   Luthier Tools   Frish & Denig chin rests   Violinist.com about geared pegs   Video: Installation of geared pegs

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