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Abacus: Home   Customer Login
Aging Issues: article: The Family Freeloader
Autism: The Listening Center   The Swain Center   The Tomatis Method
Broadband: What is T1?   Help setting up
Car: Kelley Blue Book--cars for sale   Edmunds guide to car values   Car Fax   Check smog history   About flood damage   DMV Smog Certificate Information   Auto Trader   Guide to Used Car Auto Auctions   Find and participate at government car auctions   What it is like to be a repo man   Perhaps a good auction to attend in San Diego?   Dealers add about 12%   Is Napa oil the same as Valvoline?   Says that Napa oil is the same as Valvoline   Discount Tire: Pressure checking advice   Honda maintenance light   Metromile: Pay by mile car insurance
Car Service: Pacific Honda   Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Kearny Mesa: Map and phone   Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Kearny Mesa: Reserve a car
Cats: chronic renal failure
Child Rearing: Better Kid Care   Do You Charge Your Adult Children Rent?
City: DMV   DMV: Real ID   Yellow Pages   Public Library   Humane Society   Contact the Humane Society   San Diego Weather   SD Tech Scene: Info about technology events   Balboa Park Museums
Copyright and Trademark: 10 myths   WikiPedia tells about Public Domain   Can something be donated into public domain?   about stuff from a text book   Wikipedia on Open-source licenses   Primarily merely surnames cannot be registered on the Principal Register
Defiance: article: "Working with Defiant Kids"   article: "Dodging the Power Struggle Trap"   article: "School-Wide Strategies for Managing Defiance/Non-Compliance"   Kindness and Firmness at the Same Time   Praise, Encouragement and Rewards
Dodge Neon: Second generation (00-06) oil in the intake   Not safe
Electricity: Wikipedia article on Electric Shock   War of Currents   Inverters make AC from DC
Email: mobile.yahoo.com/mail   m.yahoo.com/mail   m.yahoo.com/w/ygo-mail   https://login.yahoo.com/?.src=ym&.intl=us&.lang=en-US&.done=https%3a//mail.yahoo.com   netcat--new hope for email   RFC 1341 (now obsolete) table of contents-defines "the standard format of textual mail messages on the Internet"   RFC 1341 (full text)   MIME Part One (rfc 1521)   MIME Part One (rfc 2045)   MIME Part Two (rfc 2046)   MIME part Three (rfc 2047)   MIME part Four (rfc 2048)   MIME part Five (rfc 2049)   multipart/alternative: put the best version last   Configure gmail   Gmail on home Linux box   Telnet with ssl   rfc 2246--The TLS Protocol   Gmail: Someone is sending email from a spoofed address   Ask Leo: Someone is sending email that looks like it is from me   Highly Effective Gmail Phishing   Gmail: Last Account Activity   How John Podesta's Emails Were Hacked
Engineering: Engineering Ethics   About CA certification as a Civil Engineer and subsequent certification as a Structural Engineer   Structures.Aero
Finance: mortgage rates   good, general purpose loan calculator   What is my loan payoff amount?   B of A   B of A Home Loan Accounts & Customer Service   B of A privacy options   FAQ's: One tells the difference between APR (the all-in rate) and the mortgage rate   Wiki: Credit Score   Free annual credit report
Fingerprint Background Checks (OAG): Information--See "Forms"   Forms--See "For General Use" and "Instructions for Live Scan Request Forms"
German Language: 100 typical phrases in everyday German language
GPL: Yes, copyright holder can re-release under other licenses
Higher Education: U of MN Aero Dept.   U of MN College of Ed. and Human Develpmnt.   U of MN Special Education Blog
Identity Theft and other computer-based fraud: Article: Should you buy insurance?   Man in the Middle attacks and advice about security   Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) router attacks   How to tell if your router has been hacked   Understanding FIN scans found in router log
Kaiser Permanente Info Pages: Urgent care   About kp-on-call
Math: History of Algebra   Tensor Calculus   Mobius Transformation   Wikipedia: Benoit Mandelbrot   images.google.com: mandelbrot set   Youtube: Mandelbrot zoom: 10^99   Youtube: Mandelbrot zoom: 10^198   Youtube: Mandelbrot zoom: 10^301   Youtube: About Benoit Mandelbrot and the Mandelbrot Set
News: zdnet   Cnet news   hindu.com   University of Minnesota   Truth Dig
Online Shopping: How to Return Products Purchased Online
Perry Website: Website
Places: Webcams all over   Germany webcam   Falmouth Cornwall webcam     Shanghai
Pre-Installed Linux Systems: Linux.org/vendor/system
Radio & Pod Casts: Sherwood Radio   XEXP: Seattle WA   KCRW: Santa Monica CA   KXRY: Portland OR   Dublab: Los Angeles CA   KUTX: Austin TX   WFMU: Jersey City NJ   BBC: UK   WWOZ: New Orleans LA   Linux Reality has pod casts   FSF Radio Sites   This American Life   Radio Diaries   old-time radio broadcasts of stories   Icecast Directory   ShoutCast list of top AAC and MP3 stations   ShoutCast   UK Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet   Embed Your Radio Station Into Any Web Page Using HTML Only!
Reference: English Grammar (was Grammar Lady)   Wikipedia   Toronto Free Net link to EEVL and more   Time and Date   ntp servers   Government Trademark Office   Live local search   Behold, good maps from Microsoft   Bus/Trolley trip planning   Bus/Trolley fare and pass information   Bus Routes   UC San Diego Blue Line Timetable   Orange Line Timetable   Green Line Timetable   JEH's Bible reference   Net Bible   Audio Bible   BibleGateway.com: good for looking up passages   Andy's Anagram Solver   Words with Friends Cheat   Guide to Words with Friends   Words with Friends word list changes   Claims to be current Words with Friends word list   Screw sizes
SDG&E Energy Notes: February 2008
SDG&E Public Participation Hearings: Application 06-08-010: New Electric Transmission Project   Environmental Impact Report and Statement for the above Project
Search: DuckDuckGo   Google   Yahoo
Sites I Admire: David Hattersley's Resume   Peisch Custom Software   Erich Boleyn wrote Grub   Dispatches From The Empire   Daniel Brady: Global Open Mic   Mark Hurst: Creative Good
Skype: connection fee   rates   calls made from US skype numbers are not seen in caller id--for now   Sound help   Skype for Linux forum   Audio problems
Social Security: Social Security for Independent Contractors
Substack Subscriptions: Lily Prigioniero: Over the Tuscan Dirt   Eric Zorn: The Picayune Sentinel
Target Online: How to check the balance on a gift card   Help: Choose a topic for information, online chat, phone number, and more
Taxes: Pay property taxes   Wikipedia: Cost basis   Quit Claim Deed Transfers Cost Basis--an article   Calculate Cost Basis on Purchase Price of Home--an article   IRS tax forms, instructions and help   What Is the Difference Between Form 1040 and 1040-SR?   About Economic Impact Payments   Create or view your account information   Recovery Rebate Credit   Questions and Answers About the Second Economic Impact Payment   Correcting Issues After the 2020 Tax Return is Filed   The IRS flip-flopped on the 2nd EIP   California Franchise Tax Board   Navigating the tax return signature maze   The AGI is on 1040 line 11   Access Tax Records in Online Account   federalnewsnetwork.com: IRS plans pivot to Login.gov, lets users create online accounts without facial recognition
Technology: YouTube: Why It Was Almost Impossible to Make the Blue LED   Wikipedia.org: Shuji Nakamura
Walker Methodist: Main site   Locations   Care Suites of Edina   Care Suites of Edina: Team
Web Apps: Google docs
What to Say: What to say to someone who has a sick family member
Write: Voiding the void   Poetry Magazine   Fringe Magazine   PoetryCircle.com   Naropa University: search for  Ginsberg  to hear lectures
Yard: About trimming and topping pine trees   "My Tree's Too Big"

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