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Swash2 (House Wash 2)
\1 t		Boraxo
\10 drops	Liquid Castille soap
\10 drops	Texas Cedarwood oil
\2.5 C		Water
\This works both for hand application and with my Scott sprayer.  Here
\are the hand application notes:
\Spray this on then sponge or wipe (with a paper towel or rag).  Use
\this to clean before painting and also to kill or prevent insects
\and spiders.  (Boraxo is sodium borate).
\Regarding spraying:
\-Wear a hat and a coat (or something) to cover up and protect from
\falling spray-mist.
\-Wear safety googles and a dust mask.  The extra protection (E99?)
\masks are good as they seal around the mouth and nose.  Avoid
\breathing the spray and contact with eyes.
\-I have found it to be effective for keeping spiders away when
\sprayed on the outside of my house.
\-I have experimented with its use in the bushes and foliage around
\my house in an area that seemed to be infested with chiggers.  I
\sprayed the area thoroughly but I haven't ventured back in to learn
\if the chiggers are gone.
\-I like the smell.  Hint of cedar.  Delightful.
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