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ARM computers: About ARM processors   SheevaPlug   Raspberry Pi   Raspberry Pi Quickstart   Buy Raspberry Pi   Buy raspberry pi parts and accessories   Raspberry Pi Verified Peripherals   Attack of the Raspberry Pi (video)   Compatible (Rpi) SD cards   Raspberry Pi forum: About configuring initramfs.   Wiki: RpiConfig   Example R-pi configuration file   Wiki: R-pi configuration file   How to add reset and/or power buttons to Raspberry Pi
BIOS: Clear Boot Password on IBM ThinkCentre PC   How to Reset a BIOS Password   How to Reset / Remove / Bypass Forgotten BIOS or CMOS Password
Bus: How many bits in my bus?
Camera: Mounting a camera's file system   Mount an STMicroelectronics   Camera list   libgphoto2 supported cameras (including Kidz Cam)
CDROM: Q: BIOS refuses to boot bootable CD ROMS   Booting-up Bootable CDs
DVD: gxine   How to use "DVD Flick" to make DVD's from video files   Get "DVD Flick"   How to copy a DVD movie to hard drive and make it playable
Expansion Cards: M.2 is used for internal, naked SSDs and maybe for thin clients
Modem: Story about Winmodem driver   Netmodem faxing issues (like class)   Learn class of modem (JHR: use minicom)   This is USR Courier recommended by mgetty fax software
Sane: Sane Project   my SM 3600 scanner
Tape: scsi Tutorial mentioning aic7xxx   Linux Journal: Tape Machines

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