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Abdomen: Blunt Abdominal Injury   Herbs for nausea--mentions fennel
Autism: You Find a Positive Way Through with Autism: BBC World Service Radio   The Employer's Guide to Asperger's Syndrome   Autism Spectrum: Are You On It?   Common traits of people with autism   Microsoft Wants Autistic Coders. Can It Find Them And Keep Them?   Article: How to Stop Yourself from Staring   Forum: Do you ever unintentionally stare at people?   Article: For People with Autism Time is a Slippery Concept   Autism genes
Bath: What's in Your Soap?
Bed Bugs: Amazing and informative video   Diatomaceous earth
Cancer: Wikipedia: Tig Notaro   Why we haven't cured cancer   How to avoid cancer
Child Rearing: Becker Institute
Covered CA: What is financial help?   YouTube: Get Financial Help Through Covered California
Diarrhea: How Dark Chocolate May Help Ease Diarrhea Symptoms
Dust: Holmes has air filters
Eyes: Printable Snellen Eye Chart   Eyebright health benefits
Fractals: Pdf about fractal nature of heartbeat--by Barry Cipra, Northfield MN   PhysioNet: Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals   Fractal Analysis of Time-Series Data Sets: Methods and Challenges   Chaos in Dripping Faucet
Gall Bladder: Pictures of the Gallbladder and info about treatment   Lots of info including pictures   Symptoms of Gallstones   NIH--Gallstones: Overview   MedHelp: Advice   Healthline: Gallbladder Diet   Kaiser--Low Fat Diet for Gallbladder Disease   WebMD: More Unsaturated Fat   WebMD: Gallbladder Diet   Diet to Cure Gallbladder Stones   Foods that Dissolve Gallstones   Tim Blog gives a different view: 7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat   Suzy Cohen: Natural Remedies for Gall Bladder Disease--mentions ginger and fennel   Sleep on your left side   Magnesium Found to Benefit Gallbladder Health   Cleveland Clinic: 7 Foods That Are High in Magnesium   Ursodiol is sometimes prescribed as an alternative to surgery   9 Super Foods You Should Be Eating (mentions biliary dyskinesia)   10 Gallbladder Friendly Foods (mentions biliary dyspepsia)   The previous link (10 Gallbladder Friendly Foods) suggests that Biliary Dyskinesia can cause Biliary Dyspepsia   About Biliary Dyspepsia   Biliary Colic is the name for the condition of having Gall Bladder attacks   WebMD: Radish   WebMD: Ginger   WebMD: Fennel
Gastritis: Tea for Gastritis   Gastritis Diet   Mayo Clinic: Diagnosis   Mayo Clinic: Symptoms and Causes   Reliability of Stool Antigen Tests for H. Pylori   Is H Pylori Contagious?   Differing points of view regarding treatment   Article: How I Treated My H. Pylori Infection Naturally without Using Antibiotics   Chronic Gastritis & B-12 Deficiency   Management Options for Helicobacter Infection   Treatment Options for Helicobacter   Article: My Family Member Has H. Pylori. Should I Get Checked Too?   Hunger and Nausea
Gastro Esophegeal Reflux (GERD): Peppermint aggravates GERD
Heart: high blood pressure and its treatment   What is Diastolic Dysfunction and Diastolic Heart Failure   What is an Echocardiogram
Hirsutism: Spearmint and Cutting carbs may help
Laser Safety: Laser safety
Loneliness: Dealing with Loneliness by Wm. J. Diehm   Hikikomori or Severe Social Withdrawal
Medicaid: 10 Things to Know About Medicaid   10 Reasons Why Everyday Americans Need Medicaid   What Couples Need to Know About Medicaid   Medicaid Eligibility: MAGI and Your Assets   What Is a Miller Trust?   Medicaid Eligibility
Migraine Headaches: Nuts   Allergy Headaches   Tyramine can trigger an immune response   Low Tyramine Diet for Migraine   Migraine Diet: a Natural Approach to Migraines   Migraines & The Foods That Can Trigger Them Off
Pancreas: 12 Herbal Remedies for Pancreatitis   Hypertriglyceridemic Pancreatitis
Postpartum Problems: Harvard Health: Postpartum Depression
Propolis: Uses, history, collection, and more--interesting article with much information
Prediabetes: Healthline: The Right Diet for Prediabetes   Enter the name of the food--the results include Glycemic Index
Resources: Some thoughts like my own in "Soil and Health Library"   Berkeley Wellness Letter
Services for People with Disabilities: Ability Building Center (Rochester, MN)   Arc (San Diego, CA)
Social Security and Disability: duckduckgo: if you need medication to work are you disabled   SSA: How We Decide If You Are Disabled   NOLO: Does Taking Any Medication Automatically Qualify You For Social Security Benefits?
Sleep: John Wiedman's cure   Do you turn off light so you can use a flashlight?
Stress--time off: Sick days   California Sick Leave: Frequently asked questions   Stress Leave: How to take time off for stress   Durham University: Guidelines for Employees - Sickness Absence   With PTO it doesn't matter
Stress--management: Get moving to manage stress
Thyroid: Management of Thyroid Nodules
Frequent Urination: Salt and other remedies
Warts: duckduckgo.com: witch hazel for wart removal   Article mentions use of green tea extract (polyphenon E) for plantar warts and also tea tree oil, witch hazel, garlic for warts   Article mentions apple cider vinegar, urine, duct tape, banana peel, coconut oil, honey, weed sap, aloe vera, comfrey leaf, turmeric, garlic   Article recommends witch hazel            
What we Ingest: Safe soy   Eat radish greens   Avocado Nutrition Facts Label   How to lower lead levels with diet   About bentonite

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