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Abrasion: Tooth Abrasion: Causes and Treatment   The Facts about Wear and Tear: Dental Abrasion
Abscesses: About abscesses   Home remedies
Acid Damage: How to Prevent Acid Damage
Bee Propolis: How to pronounce propolis
Cavities: About streptococcus mutans and others   Dental placque as a biofilm   Progression of a cavity thru enamel and dentin to pulp   Article on Pulp Capping says healed dentin is dark brown   Color of arrested caries is black or brown
Crowns: Wikipedia on crowns   BDJ about crowns   About metal crowns
Dentures: Dental bridge (permanent denture)   Valplast site has usage directions and more   Valplast is nylon which dissolves, to varying degrees, in acid.   Oral bacteria, such as those in dental caries, produce lactic acid.   Wikipedia on Dentures
Dentinal Fluid Transport: Book talks about natural healing of teeth and role of fluid transport through the teeth.
Enamel: Wikipedia
Extraction: Extraction of tooth 19 with ridge preservation
Fluoride: Flouride   Water Flouridation Controversy   Dental Flourosis   Tea contains fluoride   Effects of fluoride
Gum Disease: Forum talks about gum disease   Wiki: says loss of Gingival Fibers is irreversible when loss breaches the margin
Holistic Dentistry: Center for Holistic Dentistry   Dr. Lawrence (holistic dentist)
Mercury: Should You Replace all Your Amalgam Fillings?   The Mercury Toxicity Scam
Mouth Wash: Wikipedia: Chlorhexidine   Vegetable oil
Oil Pulling: Article tells how to do it   History of Oil Pulling   Can you use olive oil?
Physiology: Wikipedia: Teeth Anatomy and Development   Has Universal Tooth Numbering System   Has data showing number of missing teeth at different ages
Root Canals:
Wikipedia on "root canal"   Root canal FAQS   Dr. Jockers: The Dangers of Root Canals   Colgate: The Truth about Root Canal Dangers   Natural Dentistry: Dangers of Root Canals   Wikipedia: Gutta-percha   Dental City: Meta - Spill Proof Gutta Percha Points   Dental City: Dentsply Sirona - Color Coded Vial, Gutta Percha Points   Dentsply Sirona: Gutta-Percha Points
Sealing and Restoring: Evaluation of Sealant Restorations after Two Years   Amalgam and disease   Wikipedia on Amalgam   Class II Amalgam Restoration Video   Class II Composite Restoration Video
Sensitive Teeth: Info on tooth sensitivity and repair
Tooth Brushes: Fuchs Natural   Oral B replacement brush heads
Urine Treatment: Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems
Waterpik: Waterpik home
Zinc Oxide Eugenol: Explains why dentists are reluctant to drill close to the pulp   How to make a ZOE filling

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