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Amalgam: NIH: Release of mercury vapor from dental amalgam   Chewing elevates mercury vapor level in the mouth   How To Test For Mercury Poisoning From Fillings   Beware scams
Detection: KWIPPED: Rent, Finance or Buy Mercury Vapor Analyzers   wikiHow: How to Test for Mercury   Mercury detection recipe   Standards for Inhalation Exposure to Mercury Vapor   Test Kit: Mercury in Residential Air -- They provide the kit and do the testing.   An inexpensive method to test for mercury vapor in herbarium cabinets
Exposure: EPA: What to Do If You Spill More Mercury Than the Amount in a Thermometer   EPA: Mercury in Consumer Products   EPA: How People are Exposed to Mercury   NIH: Residential Mercury Spills from Gas Regulators   Mercury-containing gas regulators have a mercury cup   ScienceDirect: Mercury Vapor
Health Effects: Mercury Quick Facts   Mercury Quick Facts (same content as previous link)   Lung Damaging Agent
Spills: A mercury wall switch has about 3 g of mercury   A thermometer has about .5 to 1.5 g of mercury

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