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Dehumidifiers: Pridiom has nice features, but perhaps is not the best choice for a cold, damp garage.   Choosing a Shed or Garage Dehumidifier   Peltier Effect dehumidifiers are not for large areas.   Video: Dessicant dehumidifiers work well at cold temperatures.
Heaters: Video: Wall Heater Exhaust Cleaning Process
Insects: Case-Bearer Moth larvae   Case-Bearer Moth, pictured   Smooth mud nest under eaves--larvae inside
Laundry: Sink for clothes washer   How to replace washer drive belt
Mold: Clorox recipe for removal of mold from surfaces
Paint: Devoe paint information
Refrigerators: What's wrong with my refrigerator
Vacuums: Shop Vacs   Sears Shop Vac   Panasonic canister vacuum   El Cajon Discount Vacuums   San Diego Vacuums and Sewing Machines--a list

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