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Purpose of pre-installing software to bootable, external USB drives :


So why market a product like this?  What are its benefits?  Here are some answers:

  • Easy to use.  Nothing for the user to install.  This is good for the customer.  It also makes the task of providing useful software easier for Rosevear Software.  This provides a second benefit to the customer.

  • Widely accessible.  Runs on an available PC by giving it a "double identity".  This means that the normal use of the PC will be unchanged, but when booting with Joe's Boot Disk it behaves instead as a Linux Box and boots the attached external USB drive.

  • Portable.  Although Joe's Boot Disk cannot boot from all PCs it can boot from many of them.  This allows you to carry your Rosevear Software external USB drive and your Joe's Boot Disk to your office, use them there, then carry them home and use them there also.

  • Versatile.  If you later decide to remove the drive from the USB enclosure, you can then install it in a PC and use it there by booting Joe's Boot Disk.  Joe's Boot Disk can boot external USB drives or internal drives.  You will need to make a small change to the fstab file to account for the drive's changed device name.

  • Easy to demonstrate.  The average user is not familiar with Slackware Linux, and the innovations of Rosevear Software are virtually unknown.  So they need to be demonstrated.  Joe's Boot Disk, an external USB drive, and a laptop PC make a good traveling trio.

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