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Rosevear Software is a big project that I've been dragging behind me, sometimes pushing in front of me, like an anchor (link to an appropriate theme song) since about 1992.  That was the year I left General Dynamics Corporation where I was an Engineer for the Advanced Structures Analysis Group of Space Systems Division (link to a similar, currently active group).  I was a stress engineer, but I was also a self-appointed computer liaison for the group.  I served the group and satisfied my own ambitions by dabbling in Fortran on Apollo mini computers, VAX VMS machines, and a CDC Cyber mainframe, and twiddling with Unix (technically, it was AEGIS).

One of my twiddles was a system called SAM.  SAM was an acronym for Structural Analysis Menu, but the original SAM wasn't my software; I'm pretty sure it was written by Gerry Norvell (I hope he doesn't mind my mentioning his name) and maybe others at General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division.  It was a system which provided a single point of access to a collection of structrual analysis programs.  I was tasked with creating a similar system for our group in San Diego.  This was a difficult task, and my results, though successful, were small in scope and somewhat clumsy in operation.  Later, after parting with General Dynamics, I returned to this task on my own time.  This effort resulted in a totally new system, similar only in name and paradigm, which after many years of development and testing I have recently re-published on SourceForge. (Get SAM here.)  It was originally published on SourceForge in 2007.  Note that my system retains the paradigm of the original system--that is it provides a way of managing a collection of executables in a menu-like fashion.  It could well be applied to the task of managing a collection of structural analysis software, but it has nothing at all to do with structural analysis.  SAM became my first Rosevear Software product.

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