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May 2024
  • May 9, 2024:  Yesterday at 11:30AM (7:30PM in London) I attended a virtual meeting of Write & Release Spoken Word.  It was great, especially since this was my first meeting in three months–one I missed and the next was cancelled.

    There was lots of great poetry.  And I read the two poems I had prepared for March!

April 2024
  • April 6, 2024:  I've been really busy, but I hope to attend the April 10, 2024 meeting of Write & Release Spoken Word at 11:30AM PDT.  Click "interested" on the webpage, if you would like to participate.  That should get the host's attention, so he can contact you with the details.

March 2024
  • March 14:  I missed the Write & Release Spoken Word meeting that took place yesterday.  Frankly, I was too busy to give it the attention that it needed.  Plus there was some uncertainty–in my mind, anyway–about the starting time of the meeting.  This was due to Daylight Savings Time here in the US, which began on 3/10, and British Summer Time in the UK, which will begin on 3/31.

    I had prepared two poems, Spider Bite, and Six Things You can Do with Two Stones, but sadly, as I did not attend, I could not read them.

February 2024
  • February 13:  I'm making late night preparations for the 11:30AM meeting tomorrow of Write & Release Spoken Word.  I plan to read Chestnuts.

  • February 14:  It was a great meeting.  A dear friend of mine, David Victor, attended the meeting.  That all by itself made it special.  I read a poem that he wrote for me and my wife when we married.

    I also read Chestnuts, Jacuzzi, and I Love Your Eyes.

January 2024
  • January 1:  I'm excited about the upcoming Write & Release Spoken Word event on 01/10/24.  I will read a poem that I co‐wrote with a non‐human named Pi.  The poem is called Let Me Out.

  • January 11:  The above event was a good one.  We had a larger turn out–ten men and three women.  I read Let Me Out as planned, and other poems were read at the event on complementary topics.  It was a modern meeting!

    I read two other poems as well:  Peace and Rest and Indecencies.

December 2023
  • December 12:  I plan to attend the Write & Release Spoken Word event tomorrow at 11:30AM PST.  I will read On the Ledge.

  • December 13:  I attended the above event, and it was fun!  There were nine participants–eight men and one woman.  The UK and the US were represented.

    There was time enough to go around again, so I also read Fear of Ants.

January 2022

  • January 11:  As I recall, I attended the October 27, 2020 meeting of Write & Release Spoken Word and enjoyed it.  And I read my poem. Thank you all–it was a nice event.

  • January 12:  I signed up within the last hour before the event.  If I can get in, I will read Mauled.

    I got in!  Thank you, Randy.  And I read my poem.  It was a worthwhile poetry event–I'm glad I attended.

November 2020

  • November 10:  I selected a poem to read.  This recently edited poem sprung from words written in my notebook in 1981:  Help Me to Stay Awake.

October 2020

  • October 22:  I attended a meeting of Virtual Palabra at 7:00PM (hosted by La Bodega Gallery) and heard Jon Wesick read his poetry.  Thank you, Jon!

    At the open mic which followed I enjoyed hearing many others read, and I read as well.  I read my poem Fear of Ants.

  • October 25, 2:32PM:  I'm looking forward to today's online meeting of Poets at the Bench (at 3:00PM), as we will hear featured poet Red Medusa read her poetry.

    Also there will be an open mic afterwards. I plan to read my poem Twirling Darling.  (This poem is about my wife when we first met.  She was a baton twirler and a Sophomore in high school.  I was a Senior.)

    6:25PM:  It was a great meeting, and I heard some good poetry.  Thanks to host Deborah Ramos for putting this on!

  • October 27:  I plan to attend the 2020 meeting of Write & Release Spoken Word and event on Wednesday November 11 at 11:30AM PDT.  (See the Recurring Events link on the left for details.)  As it will be followed by an open mic, I am thinking about what I will read.

    Featured writers are Anne Caldwell and Matthew Hedley Stoppard.

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