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Understanding Traditional Voicemail:

My Boost Mobile Notes
Note that voice mail is available in different ways:

   -Press and hold 1 on dial pad of my cell phone.

   -Call the above phone number.  (When calling from a phone that is
   not my cell phone, or when roaming, I will need to enter the voice
   mail password.)

   -Use Visual Voicemail (built in) App.  Note this app keeps its own
   set of saved messages that is separate from the regular voice mail

Note that when using the first two options above the first thing it
does is it goes to my message menu.  If I have none, then it says "You
have no messages in your mailbox", then it goes directly to the main

If, instead I do have messages in my mailbox, I think it announces how
many messages I have then stays in the message menu.

The above steps are tricky, because I won't hear that I have no
messages unless I either put it in speaker mode or put the phone
quickly to my ear (best).  Putting the phone in speaker mode before also
requires quickness.  It seems this can be done two ways (this is almost
too difficult to use):

   -Press and hold 1, then quickly press the "X" to see the whole
   screen, and quickly press the speaker icon.  This is hard to do
   quickly enough to hear the bit about having no messages.

   -Look up voicemail in my contacts, the make the call.  Quickly press
   the speaker icon, as it is visible only briefly.


   1   Go to "Message" menu.
   2   Send a message.  (Go to "Send" menu.)
   3   Create a greeting.
   4   Go to "Mailbox" menu.
   5   Go to "Password" menu.
   0   For help.

      1   Rewind a bit during, or replay after, a message.
      11  Restart message during a message.
      2   Pause during a message or forward it.  To forward you must
          first select "More."
      3   Fast forward a bit during a message.
      33  Skip to end of message during a message.
      5   To hear a message's header information.  You must first
          select "More."
      6	  Go to "More"--when prompted.  Prompt comes after
          instructions which come after each message.
      7   Marks a message for deletion.  Marked messages are deleted
          when you hang up.  To save a message listen to it again and
          choose restore.
      8   To return a message sender's call
      9	  To save a message.  Unsaved messages will be deleted after a
          period of time--thirty days I read online.
      *   Go to "Main" menu.
      0   For corresponding help *during* or *after* a message.
      #   Skip to the next message.

      1   For group list.
      3   Go to "Playback" menu.
      4   For fax options.
      6   To switch to short/standard prompts.
      *   Go back to "Main" menu.
      0   For help.

         1   Change message order.
         2   Turn autoplay on/off.
         3   Turn message-header on/off.
         4   Turn linked-listen on/off.
         *   Go back to "Main" menu.
         0   For help.

   "Password" menu:

      1   Change password.
      2   Enable password security.
      *   Go back to "Main" menu.
      0   For help.
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