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Baked Chicken:

Modified Better Homes and Gardens

First, here is the Better Homes and Gardens recipe that I modified.

I bought a 4.5 pound free range, organic chicken from Sprouts Farmer's Market.  First I turned the oven on to 375 to let it preheat. Then I got out my large cast iron skillet and rinsed it and dried it, then rubbed some olive oil into the cooking area.

I looked for neck and gizzards--there were none. Then I rubbed some olive oil into the skin of the bird.  I tied its legs together with some cooking twine that I found in the cupboard, and I put the (rather tasty looking) carcass into the skillet.  Then I put the skillet (bird in it) in the oven and set the timer for 1 hour.  Note that the oven rack was somewhat below the middle of the oven, but not as low as it would go.  (It actually was in the position that I use when I bake bread.)

The oven sputtered and crackled and smoked, although I did have the ceiling vent fan running.  After an hour I fashioned a dome from aluminum foil and put that over the bird.  I set the timer for 45 minutes 

About 6 minutes before the timer went off I used oven "hot pads" to remove the skillet, bird, and all from the oven and I put it on the stove top.  I poked the thigh (upper thigh--above the knee--looked like torso, but a picture suggested that that was where to poke it) with a thermometer.  It climbed above 175 somewhat.  As 175 F was my target, I did not return it to the oven.

I inverted the foil hat, now bowl shaped, and put it on a plate, then I transferred the beast-feast to it.  I let it cool while I cleaned up (the floor felt greasy), turned off the oven, let the fan run for a while.  I sampled a drumstick--delicious.

Now mostly cool, I covered the animal with another piece of foil.  Here is where I will end this recipe, although you can be sure that I will put it in the fridge and look forward to consuming from it again.

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