Help Me to Stay Awake

Help me
to stay
awake.  I
cannot remember
how to
articulate certain
gestures would
help me,
oh, help me to stay
awake.  I cannot
be the person in
my dreams.

See me
object to the
daylight by
blinking my eyes.
I fall asleep
briefly forgetting
the noise of the
day that would
buzz in
my ears
like sparks of
lightning that
jump between my
head and the wall
three times
as I doze off
before waking
again briefly
I dream of
returning home
to walk in
the fresh,
damp air

Crossing mountains
in my mind,
high over the
fuzzy trees,
I remember the
smell of snow
melting in late
winter, how
it would remind
us of coming spring,
the way the snow
would crust with
dirt, like the
coating on an
ice-cream bar,
then melt away.

See the sky turn
to cobalt blue
in the east.
A red glow
flames in
the windows
reflecting the
western sunset.

Dinner shared
just hours before
in the dining room
adjacent to a cluttered kitchen.
Family revolves around Mother
who works hard,
because Father is gone.

The faint smell
of wood smoke
finds me here.
It is not
yet dark.

    --Joseph H. Rosevear